Cecilia Lind

Laser therapy for pain relief, rehab and health

For the results you can achieve and the people you can help, that is why laser therapy (or PBMt) is my passion!

And knowledge is the key to be able to decide whether laser therapy might be for you and/or your clients.  PBMt (photo biomodulation therapy) has been around for years, it has been used to treat tuberculosis and nowadays psoriasis. The way PBMt has shown successful is (among other mechanism) the way it modulates inflammation and help the body the heal itself fast and efficient. It is a fantastic tool to use for pain, to heal wounds/injuries and for rehabilitation. 

Cecilia Lind

Physiotherapist, author and lecturer

Cecilia Lind has a background as a dancer/artist but for 20 years and her entire performing career she had severe back pain because an injury that happened when she was 16 years old. After more than 10 years in the showbiz industry the pain got the best of her and she decided to change occupation. She graduated as a physiotherapist in 2006 and for 10 years she worked in primary care, mostly treating musculoskeletal disorders. The pain though persisted another 10 years. Because of that experience her interest in interventions/factors that can relieve pain is a matter of her heart. When laser therapy came into her life 2007, she discovered that with the method could help her clients in a much better way. When she figured out a method on how to evaluate the treatments effectively, she saw unbelievable and amazing results. To inform and educate then became her new mission. "Not all may benefit from the method, but many will. That is why my mission has been to spread the word" she says. In 2014 she released the book Laserterapi - en praktisk guide (Pain relief with laser therapy) and the year after she released a web-based course. Now she is working at Irradia (a Swedish medical - technical company specialized in laser medicine) with education and sales



The perfect handbook for those who want to treat pain with laser therapy


Courses to educate yourself

Laser instrument

Where you can buy a quality instrument


Basic laser therapy - Diploma

In this prepaid web-based course, you learn all the basics and what you need to know to be able to treat musculoskeletal disorders in a safe an efficient way (only in Swedish).

Free class - Is pain relief with laser therapy someting for you?

You can have the web course experience, but free at charge! The course gives you the tools to decide whether laser therapy might be something for you (only in Swedish). 

"The course has given me a good base and a deeper understanding of the method, which makes me feel safer clinically. I think it is very rewarding and good course, well worth the money."

Anders Mårdh, Lic. Physio therapist, MSc Clin Med, OMT III, McKenzie examina, Fysioterapiteamet, Stockholm

“The course gave me good insights on laser therapy and its mechanisms. And it was optimal for me to learn at my own pace and in any place. In an educational and comfortable way you are guided through the course without any stress, because you have the opportunity to go through the sections how many times you want before the final test. For those who are interested in learning more about laser treatment for pain, I would recommend this course that really provides both taste for more and value for money”

Mats Holmström, journalist with specialization in health care, nutrition and research

“The course goes clearly through theory and mechanisms of action of laser therapy. In an easily accessible way, you can repeat different parts of the course at your own pace. The knowledge gives me greater confidence in treatment and how I describe the therapeutic effect of the laser for the patient. The education is worth every penny.”

Jondi Jonsson-Lecapre, Leg. Physiotherapist Spinecenter & Physiotherapy team, Stockholm


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