Basic laser therapy - Diploma

In this prepaid webbased course you learn all  the basics and what you need to know to be able to treat treat muscolutetlal disorders in a safe an efficient way (only in swedish).

Free class - Is pain relief with laser therapy someting for you?

You can have the webb course experience, but free at charge! The course give you the tools to decide wether laser therapy might be something for you (only in swedish). 


Laserterapi - en pratkiskt guide is the only book about laser therapy written i swedish. It was released in 2014 and has since then sold more than 1200 copies in Sweden.

It had two parts- one whera laser therapy and its mechanism of action i sexplainded ant the other is a practiacal guide, that let you know how to treat more than 20 different diagnoses. The book is for those who want to know more about laser therapy and have the support and practical guideance on how to treat pain in different

musculoskeletal disorders.

Laser instruments

To find a high quality laser instrument suiteble to treat differnt kinds of conditions is not easy. My favorite of all the instrumnet I have tried out is those from Irradia. It is high quality, good service and support. Since 2019 I started woeing at Irradia, and since I have been using their instrument since 2007 it was an easy choise to join the team. To day I am proud to say I work with sales and education at Swedens most knowledgable laser medical device company.


Laserguide is a platform where you can get access to high quality products and services on laser therapy and PBM laser therapy.


Stockholm, Sweden


If you have a question - write me a mail and I will do my best to answer it quickly.

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